Excel and Access Downloads

At present I have downloads for routines I've written for MS Excel and MS Access. I am currently advancing my skills in SQL and website design; HTML, CSS, Javascript (hence this website!). I'm just getting into Python.

There are many Excel and Access forms and macro templates online for business purposes such as payroll and sales data. I could have copied and embellished them to highlight my abilities with these programs. Instead, I've taken a database from an area of personal interest to me in creating userforms for data entry, macros for analyzing data and report output.

Playing hockey (street, ice and inline) since a pre-teen and being from Pittsburgh; I'm a huge Pittsburgh Penguins fan. I used this interest as a basis for my dataset. I obtained online seasonal game statistics from their current and previous years. I've developed user input forms to enter stats for each game and also procedures to import stats directly from a hockey website (Hockey-Reference.com) into worksheets and tables. I then developed game reports in various formats and inter-interactive dashboards highlighting various statistical analyses for individual teams and players.

There is a separate page for Excel files and a separate page for Access files. A brief description is provided for each file.

Due to the restucturing of tables in Hockey-Reference.com, I have been updating my code in both Excel and Access. I have completed the Excel updates and Access updates will be along shortly.

SQL Queries

I have a couple SQL queries that follow along with my Pittsburgh Penguins theme developed with my Excel and Access routines. These provide opposing teams scoring and penalty totals for the 2018-19 season. More routines are on the way.