Note: All Access and Excel files are Access 2019 and Excel 2019, respectively.

AccessInstructions.xlsm (18.2MB)

This Excel file graphically details the steps to follow to enter stats for Scoring, Penalties, Goalies, and Shootouts (if any) for each game. Using xlStats graphically details instructions for importing the Excel files created with "xlHockeyRef_Query.xlsm" into the corresponding Access tables.

xlHockeyRef_Query.xlsm (2.7MB)

This Excel application uses Power Query to extract game stats from "" to make data tables. The tables are formatted for direct importation into the related Access tables. The worksheet Instructions details the procedures to follow for running the macros located on the worksheet GetStats.


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Pittsburgh_Penguins_2018_19.accdb (18.2MB)

This file provides data entry forms for the 2018-19 season. Forms frm_PasteStats, frm_TextToTable and frm_GameSummary are explained in AccessInstructions.xlsm. "Getting Game Summaries" forms frm_GameRecap, frm_GameReport, frm_GoaliesTeam, frm_PenaltiesTeam and frm_ScoringTeam are explained with "Pittsburgh_Penguins_2017_18rpts.accdb." (Stats for 2018_19 are updated to 03/31/19.)

Pittsburgh_Penguins_2017_18rpts.accdb (13.5MB)

This file provides game summary forms for the entire 2017-18 season. Form frm_GameRecap gives a summary boxscore for an individual game date. frm_GameReport gives a summary report in either print, screen view or PDF format.frm_GoaliesTeam gives the goalies stats for an indivdual team. frm_PenaltiesTeam gives the penalty stats for an indivdual team. frm_ScoringTeam gives the scoring stats for an indivdual team. Each form is self-explanatory when opened.


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