Note: All Excel files are Excel 2019.

Pittsburgh_Penguins_2020_21.xlsm (12.8MB)

This file provides data entry capabilities for the current 2020-21 season. Games from Janurary 2021 have already been entered. Worksheet "Data Entry Instructions" details the steps to follow to enter stats on the input forms. Also, stats can be directly imported from the website "" into the appropiate Excel tables. The steps are self explanatory; just click on the paste button to run the Excel Power Query. (Other websites could be used with different VBA coding.)

Stats2015_20.xlsm (4.6MB)

This file provides interactive dashboards for various opposing team statistics for seasons 2015 through 2020. These include team and individual scoring and penalty summaries as well as opposing team statistics by Conference and Division. The summaries are explained on the "Introduction" worksheet.